Hi, I'm Cole Fortson, an Experience Designer and Developer.

If you're seeking a designer of compelling visual experiences, contact me at yo@cole.lol.

Currently, I'm pursuing optimized approaches to distance learning and classroom attendance at Edugate.

As a freelancer, I deliver professional digital experiences for

AfterPitch, a voice-powered app for rapid CRM entry.

UI, UX, & Brand Design

Warner Music Group (Perto), a rising Australian electronic music producer.

Web Design & Development

Tom Norris, a GRAMMY-nominated mix engineer, producer, and sound designer.

Web Design & Development

PoolDash, a pool care app created by a former lifeguard.

UI, UX, & Brand Design

I've been employed as a(n)

Experience Design Intern at Accomplice.

June 2019

iOS Development Intern at EarBuds.

July 2018

Game Design Intern at Area64.

May 2017

In my free time...

I founded Edugate, an education technology company developing cutting-edge tools for teachers and school administrators.

SOFTWARE, 2017—Present

I write and produce music under the name Trickshot.

Digital Art, 2018—Present

I designed and developed HMU, an app to solve “let me know when you arrive safely”.

Mobile App, 2017

I create Snapchat Geofilters which have amassed over 175 million views.

Digital Art, 2016