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June 2020
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A tool for fast CRM updates that feels natural to salespeople

Afterpitch is a dedicated voice-to-CRM tool for salespeople always on the move. Our mission was to design an interface that feels natural and intuitive to salespeople, breaking away from the keyboard.

Salesforce sucks, but why?

With adoption in 88% of Fortune 100 companies, Salesforce is the industry standard for sales CRM software. While Salesforce has unparalleled approval, many salespeople complain about the unintuitive interface, difficult navigation, and over-complication. Many salespeople rely on consistent CMS entries for follow up information, tracking leads, and receiving bonuses. This process proves extremely difficult with little time between meetings, lengthy commutes, and manually entering notes in their phone.

UX Challenges

An interface for salespeople

After many user interviews it became apparent that salespeople love talking... and they're damn good at it. Naturally, we decided on a voice transcription implementation for keeping track of a lead right after hanging up the phone. Many devices already have easily accessible built-in voice transcription which pushed our focus towards designing a more accessible interface.